The Future of Virtual Reality Gaming in Georgia


Here in Georgia, Virtual Reality startups are sprouting up that integrate VR into their respective ventures. VRDayAtl and the Future X Live conference both highlighted the rapid growth of both AR and VR developers. Then there’s the Kickstarter-funded VRgluv now pre-selling. These are gloves that allow wearers to touch, feel and grasp objects in a VR world. They work in conjunction with headsets like Vive and Rift.

But as big as the innovation is today, it’s still unclear as to where VR for gaming is truly headed Some say that the hype will continue and VR will be polished even more, allowing it to take off like never before. Others are not so optimistic and project that the hype will die down, stating that the only people who will retain the use of the tech are the military as well as companies with interests in construction, retail, and other similar industries.

An article about the future of VR titled What the Next Few Years Look Like for VR explains how the current gaming VR capabilities are selective. Mobile VR headsets, for example, don’t have positional tracking and these devices are limited to the use of smartphones. To their credit though, manufacturers certainly considered VR with their new releases. For instance, tech resource O2 highlighted the infinity display of the Samsung Galaxy S8, which allows users to ‘see more’, whether it’s used alone or paired with the Gear VR. But the head-rotation exclusivity still caps the amount of ‘oomph’ that these devices provide when it comes to immersive VR experiences.

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