Commentary: New tax bill bad for Georgia’s film workers


Union officials are warning that the Republican tax overhaul rewards the rich while soaking the working class.

Yeah, we’ve heard it before, but the union I’m talking about represents a fast-growing part of the state economy: the entertainment industry.

“There is a lot of anxiety going on right now,” said Chuck Thomas, an Atlanta-based screenwriter and co-host of the Atlanta Film Chat podcast.“We work 16-18 hours a day and now we have to figure all this out.”

A study of the GOP tax plan by Actors Equity, a union that represents stage actors, found some of their working- and middle-class members would see their annual tax bill increase dramatically. The stage actors union was joined by the Screen Actors Guild, which represents movie talent, in opposition to the plan. Now that it’s been signed into law, actors and those behind the camera are scrambling to get prepared.

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  1. It is sad, but not surprising, that production workers, along with everyone else, will suffer from this tax bill crafted to give billionaires a break from the oppression of paying less taxes than their assistants.

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