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EXPOSED: A Conversation with Erica Lumpert

Erica Lumpert is CEO of Security Associates of Coastal Georgia. In this edition of EXPOSED, she talks about how the company managed in 2020, business activity in the security space, technology that is being adopted to keep workers safe and her thoughts on the film, event and entertainment industry. 

SCAD Plans Largest US College Movie Studio

SCAD says its Savannah Film Studios will include at 10.9-acre backlot, a new digital stage and three new soundstages. The first stage of the expansion will open this fall with the backlot completed by 2023. The project will also include a building for set design and costume design and classroom space.

Aprio: Top-3 Fraud Vulnerabilities Associated with Remote Work

COVID-19 has changed American culture in more ways than we could possibly address in this article, with a permanent impact reaching from education to healthcare and, especially, the workplace. One of the most radical changes many companies continue to reckon with stems from the rapid and lasting transition to remote work.

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