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Georgia Production Summit VIRTUAL CONFERENCE

FROM GPP: Mark your calendar as busy on January 15-16: They’re the official dates for the Georgia Production Summit 2021. We’re hosting our first ever virtual summit on the 15th & 16th and you’re invited! Early bird registration for GPS2021 is now open, so claim your spot now.

The Liberator: A Netflix Original Series Made with GA Post

The release of  THE LIBERATOR marks the very first show to complete creative post for Netflix in Georgia—let alone with Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, and the latest cutting edge industry-standard for online post, IMF Mastering. It is also the first show to be presented in Trioscope: “a proprietary animated drama engine that fuses live-action with animation for a groundbreaking moving graphic novel experience.”

Savannah Location Highlight: Forsyth Park

It should come as no surprise that our region’s most photographed location, the Forsyth fountain, is the crowning jewel of the most popular filming destination in Savannah. With its famous fountain, majestic live oaks, and central location, Forsyth Park has been featured in at least 15 major film and television productions as well as numerous commercials, advertisements, and media campaigns.

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