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It appears south Georgia’s going ‘Gollywood’

After hearing through the grapevine that he was in Ben Hill County filming a movie, I talked to Brandy Elrod (director of Tourism, Arts and Culture for the city of Fitzgerald and Camera Ready Liaison for Fitzgerald-Ben Hill County) to find out more about what’s going on there.

Areu Bros. Studios to take ownership of THEA

Atlanta-based Areu Bros. Studios, the first major Latino-owned and operated studio in the nation, will take ownership of THEA, a streaming platform that attracted more than 1.5 million viewers during its first year and has caught the attention of industry leaders at film festivals.

14th Annual Peachtree International Film Festival Set

The 14th Annual PVIFF 2019, the southeast’s premiere international film and arts festival returns with Screenings of Short Films and Major Motion Picture Films, Meet & Greets with Cast, Producers and Directors, Film Maker Competition with $100K Prize, Educational Forums, Networking, PVIFF 2019 Gala and after parties each day.

SAG-AFTRA to Hold Fourth National Convention This Week

The National Convention brings together more than 400 delegates from the union’s 25 locals to elect the executive vice president and national vice presidents, debate and vote on constitutional amendments, and decide on union initiatives to focus on for the next two years.

SIEGE: Update on the October 13-14 Event

SIEGE is doing a number of things differently this year. First of all, SIEGE will officially run Sunday – Tuesday, over Columbus Day (Monday, Oct. 14) at the KSU Center. Most of our regular events – Investment Conference, Indie Game Showcase, College Fair, keynote presentation, game dev tracks and the like will return.

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