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Savannah Jazz receives grant from Georgia Council for the Arts

The Bridge Grant provided funding for operating support to 135 organizations, the Project Grant will help fund 54 arts projects, and the Arts Education Program Grant was awarded to 77 organizations. Additional grants for Vibrant Communities and Cultural Facilities programs will be awarded in the Fall of 2021.

GGDA: Join Us to Test Great Indie Games

The GGDA has grown to value livestreaming play tests, and August has a number of great opportunities for you to join us as we do so. From Aug. 3-6 (noon EST), Andrew Greenberg livestreams playtests of a new version of Holistic Design’s Noble Armada: Lost Worlds PC game on Youtube.

The Top 11 Payroll Pain Points and How to Solve Them

In Part I of our three-part blog series on payroll pain points, we explored five of the most prevalent challenges small businesses face, including dealing with compliance issues, managing manual and time-consuming processes, and grappling with understaffing challenges.

Inaugural Olympic Virtual Series Successfully Concludes

The winners of the Olympic Virtual Series Baseball, Motor Sport and Sailing Events received an Olympic Virtual Series Plaque (winner, 1st runner up, 2nd runner up). The winner (first place only) of each of the competitive events will also have the opportunity to hold the Olympic Virtual Series trophy at a special awarding occasion to be organised later in 2021, subject to travel possibilities during this global pandemic.

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