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Editorial: ‘Council of Dads’ cancellation a big loss for Savannah

Some people were naturally upset — a number of locals worked behind the scenes, performed background work for various episodes and had a steady flow of income for the multiple months the series made Savannah its home base. Others veered more negative, lamenting their opinion of the poor quality of the show as reason enough to ignore its departure from the NBC lineup.

Doing the Work: Kirsten Schaffer, Women in Film

The Executive Director of Los Angeles-based Women in Film – Kirsten Schaffer – was an LGBTQ activist from her early youth. Programming film festivals was a way to channel her energies since she quickly realized that “stories have the power to change hearts and minds, and that cultural change precedes political change”.

Georgia Produced Reality Show “Gamemaster” Partners With Makerforce

The upcoming esports reality show, GAMEMASTER has announced a partnership with  MakerForce, a grassroots emergency response organization, to expand its efforts in the fight against coronavirus. The partnership will allow both organizations to expand their reach and provide PPE supplies to an even larger network of medical providers in need.

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