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Video Games Don’t Have To Be Educational To Spark Learning

When I was in high school, the best way I could describe myself was as a parent’s worst nightmare: I didn’t care about my education, didn’t do homework, and was known to sleep in class. My SAT score was so bad that I still don’t know how I did! My very frustrated mom threw that letter in the trash.

Women Directors: A Progress Report

Women directors’ fortunes continue to be on the rise, not just in TV but also on film. Despite the shutdown, several have found homes for their work on streaming services. Most of those, including several high budget productions that had a 2020 release date, have been pushed forward to next year. 

Atlanta Movie Tours: We’re Bringing #GeorgiaFilm to You! #GAFilmandChill

Small businesses have always pivoted and always will. For us, at this time, it wasn’t just pivoting, it was twirling, whirling, back-flipping, but we’re ready for you! We appreciate that touring the way we have will take a little longer to get back to, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep you entertained and excited for all the #GeorgiaFilm that has been and will certainly return.

Update from The Savannah Regional Film Commission

Since mid-March active film and television productions working in the Savannah region were suspended in response to the health and safety orders surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.  As we slowly work to reopen the region to production, our highest priority is the safety of our crew members, talent, vendors, location owners, and others involved in film and television production.

COVID 19 Virtual Meetings, The road to recovery

This week we continue our COVID-19 update virtual meetings,  starting with a roundtable discussion focused on Georgia’s travel and tourism industry on Wednesday, May 27.  On Thursday, May 28, join us to hear from Dr. Toomey, Commissioner of Georgia Department of Public Health, who will share updates and future plans from the public health sector. 

Quarantined Publicity

No premieres. No red carpets. No press junkets at the Four Seasons and other hotels. No promotional tours around the globe to open a movie. Major films having to push their release deep into the Fall or even 2021. What’s a publicist to do with clients sitting at home?

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