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Georgia gaming economy exceeds $830 million

A new report released by the Georgia Game Developers Association shows how it impacts the economy for the state. Dr. Jay O’Toole, an Assistant Professor at Elon University’s School of Business in the department of Management and Entrepreneurship, wrote the report. Georgia’s game development studios and workers participated in the survey.

Israeli Film Mogul Invests in Georgia

From his vacation home in Barcelona, Cohen told the AJT, “We chose Georgia because of the tax credit {the highest in the U.S.] but Georgia was missing the last part in the process. In the past, the filming was done here, but then left for LA to finish the job.”

Augusta jail called best prison set in the U.S.

Georgia’s film tax credits bring productions to the state, but the rarity of the six-story jail building, with its built-in courtrooms and law enforcement office space sealed the deal for the team working on a film Monday at the site, several said.

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