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Reel Georgia
What Men Want, Review 3.5 Stars

Our protagonists uses a “by any means necessary” approach to achieve their goal, only to realize that they’ve alienated themselves and that the unbearable loneliness at the top can only be reconciled via a long expository monologue of an apology.

Reel Georgia
‘Then Came You’, Review 3.5 Stars

It’s difficult to say whether the titular “you” is in reference to Skye or to Calvin, as both characters, upon meeting, are desperate for friendship, for connection, for some sort of touchstone in a world that has despite their young ages proven to be more bad than good.

Reel Georgia
Roma Review: (5 of 5 Stars)

If you aren’t moved by the subtle romance with life that comes from warm afternoons and appreciations of familial relationships, Cuarón’s newest work might not be for you. However, if you do find a sort of calm in reflection of a period passed, then Roma will not disappoint.

Review – The Invisibles (3.5 stars)

The 2018 Atlanta Jewish Film Festival showcases a myriad of films, and this year, audiences were in luck if they saw The Invisibles. The Holocaust-era docu-drama blended fiction and reality, narrative and documentary into a lovely film.

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